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just wanted to be sure of you

teaforbryony in underwhumped

Recs: Sports Night

Oh, Sports Night, a lovely fandom that has been largely abandoned due to the passage of time. Nevertheless, it's managed to produce some good h/c.

Title: Go Thy Way, Daniel [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]
Author: Marguerite
Fandom: Sports Night
Characters/Pairing: Dan, Casey, rest of the crew
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Attempted suicide.
Whumped: Dan - emotional, depression
Summary: Dan's delicate spiral, through the eyes of his closest friend.
Recommender's Note: This is a gorgeous, gorgeous story that takes place after the end of the series. Danny struggles with his long-lasting depression, and his friends struggle to figure out how to help him.

Title: One for the Money; Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 [RECOMMENDED]
Author: scount_kent
Fandom: Sports Night
Characters/Pairing: Dan/Casey, Charlie
Rating: PG? PG-13? Author doesn't say, but it's somewhere in that range.
Whumped: Dan - injury, hostage, shot
Author's Summary: Oh, noes! Danny is in peril, and little Charlie too! What? Why are you laughing? Banks get robbed all the time. Somebody's gotta be in them at the time, and I say Danny and Charlie. It could happen.
Recommender's Note: Not a terribly deep story, but so much fun! And well-written, too.

Title: untitled
Author: scout_kent
Fandom: Sports Night
Characters/Pairing: Dan/Casey
Rating: PG?
Whumped: Dan - car accident, injury
Summary: When their car goes off the road in a remote location, Casey must keep Dan alive until rescue arrives.
Recommender's Note: Pretty much the same as what I said for the fic above. Pretty classic h/c, in a fandom where classic h/c is rare.