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Hurt/comfort recs for under-whumped characters and fandoms
Pretty much the first thing I discovered about hurt/comfort is that I can never ever get enough of it. Even for the most prolific of hurt/comfort fandoms, I gobble it up and hunt for more. That said, there is certainly an inequality in the distribution of h/c among fandoms and characters. Some - SGA, due South, NCIS - have a lot, due probably to the fact that they are action-oriented shows. Other fandoms that seem to fit the same criteria - Chuck and Psych, for example - have startlingly little. And then there's the comedy-oriented shows, which get next to nothing. In addition to all that, certain characters seem to bear the brunt of the whump, particularly those who are involved in main OTP slash pairings. Outside of those main pairings, whump can be surprisingly hard to find, even in fandoms like SGA.

Which is all to say: this is my (<lj user="teaforbryony") h/c recs collection. I'm focusing mostly on fandoms or characters I find to be underwhumped, since recs for whumped John and Rodney can be found a dime to a dozen. But I will probably cave and rec some more popular characters as well, because I can't resist, and when you're a hurt/comfort junkie like me, everyone is underwhumped.