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just wanted to be sure of you

teaforbryony in underwhumped

Recs: Chuck

Chuck is a lovely new television show, half-comedy, half-drama. It is, IMO, perfectly suited for hurt/comfort - and yet I have unfortunately only managed to dig up one such fic. This is most likely due to the small size of the fandom so far; hopefully we will see more in the future.

Author: fiareynne
Fandom: Chuck
Characters/Pairing: Casey/Chuck
Rating: PG-13
Whumped: Chuck - injury, shot
Summary: "Casey isn't sure when he became Chuck's confessor."
Recommender's Note: This isn't pure h/c - in fact, I'd classify it more as romance than anything else. But an injury (and the reaction to this injury) serves as a catalyst for a significant part of the action, so I think it's close enough to count.

Excerpt: The worst of it comes as they're getting Chuck into the ambulance, while Casey's standing there covered in Chuck's blood from helping the kid hold his damn guts in until the EMTs could get to him, and he hears Sarah tell Chuck she loves him.