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just wanted to be sure of you

teaforbryony in underwhumped

Recs: Psych

Psych is one of those lovely, small fandoms that I stumbled upon completely by accident and fell in love with. I was very surprised to find, when turning to fic, that the predominant focus seems to be on Shawn/Lassiter - I had expected it to be Shawn/Gus. Personally, I favor Shawn/Gus, preferably with Gus being whumped. Unfortunately, the latter is quite hard to find, and thus I come with only two recs.

Author: mirrorskippy
Fandom: Psych
Characters/Pairing: Shawn/Gus, Juliet
Word Count: 2600
Whumped: Gus, - kidnapping, missing
Summary: “I can’t find Gus, he’s not anywhere and no one knows where he is and I can’t find him”.
Recommender's Note: My favorite Psych story. Gus gets kidnapped, Shawn panics, all told from Juliet's POV - the writing is great, and Shawn's worry is lovely.

Title: Friends, in Sickness and in Health
Author: EstelWolfe
Fandom: Psych
Characters/Pairing: Shawn/Gus
Word Count: 1569
Rating: PG-13
Whumped: Shawn - injury, shot
Summary: He knew the instant Shawn started screaming that something was really wrong.
Recommender's Note: In general I favor whumping Gus, and this fic whumps Shawn, but it's beautifully written and has a great friendship dynamic between Gus and Shawn.



Hi there,

Recently I have embarked on a massive study of fan-fiction and specifically the hurt/comfort genre as part of my Personal Interest Project (PIP) for the Society & Culture course. In order to validate my theories I need fan-fiction writers and readers to contribute to an internet focus group.

If I seem bold in this request then I would like to mention that this is not a request, it is an offer for you to participate in what I believe will be a very interesting discussion focused on the hurt/comfort genre. I have great respect for your opinions and ideas. Mostly I look forward to the quality of the sort of discussion which I have previously observed you taking part in. In many ways these discussions are far more dynamic and valuable to a researcher than statistics or content analysis. Please consider taking part as either a registered member or an anonymous guest.

Here is the link: http://hcdiscussion.proboards.com/index.cgi
Feel free to have a look and read the further information which I have provided there.

Thank you for reading!

ps. I apologize for my shameless self-promotion at your expense, but this is the only way that I can expose my focus group and the success of my investigation -- and consequently, my marks -- depends on it. Thank you for your tolerance and I promise you won't hear from me again.